The Benefits of Kydex Flashlight Holders

The Benefits of Kydex Flashlight Holders

May 31st 2023

When buying new gear for your job as an officer of the law, you’ll want to ensure you are buying the most tried and trusted products on the market. When it comes to flashlight holders, many officers may purchase flashlight pouches that do not specifically fit their flashlight model. Flashlights are arguably one of the most essential items an officer carries on them at all times. That means you’ll want to ensure that the pouch you purchase retains the flashlight adequately, keeping it well protected.

The Kydex flashlight holder is perfect for this as our selection of Kydex holders is designed to specifically fit your exact flashlight model. Don’t just take our word for it; learn about the benefits of using a Kydex holder for your flashlight.

Very Lightweight

When putting your police officer gear together, one important aspect to consider is the weight of everything you’ll wear while on duty. The heavier the gear you carry, the harder it is to meet the physical demands of your job.

Luckily, Kydex holders are very lightweight. It’s one of the main reasons Kydex has become such a popular material for flashlight holders. Even though some leather or nylon flashlight holders might be just as light, softer material does not offer as much impact protection for your flashlight.

Incredibly Strong

Another key advantage of Kydex flashlight holders is their tactile strength. It’s very difficult to break a holster made of Kydex, ultimately keeping your flashlight much safer and ensuring that it’s ready to go at any time without fail.

On top of that, over multiple years of use, Kydex equipment shows little signs of wear and tear. Unlike leather holders, Kydex does this with very little maintenance on the user’s end. That means your Kydex flashlight holder will last you for years while withstanding the rigors of your day to day duties.

Quite Adjustable

The final benefit of Kydex flashlight holders is their ability to adjust to your flashlight. By adjusting the internal hardware of the Kydex flashlight holder, you can achieve the best retention for your flashlight. A properly adjusted flashlight pouch means that you won’t have to worry about it falling out while on duty.

If you’re sold on the Kydex flashlight holder, we have some of them available on our website. At AAA Police Supply, we have plenty of flashlight holders for you to choose from. No matter what type you prefer, we’re sure you’ll be happy with how well it works for you.