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Academy Uniforms

Recruit class 64-24

All of the products that AAA has available for this academy will be located in this category.

  • Duty belts: We recommend that you order your belt 2" larger than your WAIST size (Not pant size). For example, if you are a 35" waist, you would round up to the nearest EVEN belt size - size 38 belt.
  • The buckle/clasp should meet at the center hole of the belt to allow room to tighten/loosen as needed.

AAA's retail floor is closed.  Orders must be placed online and can be picked up "Curbside" at our location or we can ship to a location of your choice by choosing the "UPS Ground" option.  You will be able to choose your preferable method during the checkout process.

Please keep in mind, if an item is out of stock, it can still be ordered.  Email us at: and we can provide further ordering instructions.