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Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray | Non-Lethal Protection

Our priority at AAA Police Supply is to offer law enforcement officers the tools necessary to keep them safe while serving and protecting the public. Our range of Sabre Red pepper spray solutions are reliable defense sprays that can be used during high-risk situations that require non-lethal force. We carry pepper spray for law enforcement training, including SABRE Inert training sprays that deploy like active sprays yet are designed specifically for training.

We also carry other options, including canisters that deploy from any angle, gels that prevent blowback, easy-to-carry keychain options, 2-in-1 whistle defense spray combinations, and reinforced triggers to prevent accidental discharge.

If you want the best law enforcement pepper spray on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at AAA Police Supply, our SABRE Red police pepper spray is voted the number one brand of pepper spray trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide. Our options will provide you with the familiarity and confidence to better protect yourself and your family.

Pepper spray is a restricted item. Please read our Restricted Item Policy before placing your order.