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  • Shadow


    The sturdy Magnum Shadow is one of the most popular pocket knives in our range. The black coated blade made of 440A steel locks in place with a linerlock and can be...

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  • HEL Karambit HEL Karambit

    HEL Karambit

    As a self-confessed fan of the Filipino Martial Arts, it made sense for the Italian knife designer Alessandra De Santis from Hydra Design to design a Karambit knife for Boker Plus. The...

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  • Slike Slike


    The innovative Boker Plus Slike is a lightweight dagger supplied with a D2 blade ground on both sides that is slid out of the handle frontally. Comparable to the mechanism of the...

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  • Anti-MC Anti-MC


    The unique combination of the most modern materials grants an exceptional position in the knife market. The blade of the Boker Plus Anti-MC is made of hi-tech ceramic, which is 100% nonmagnetic and...

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  • Rescom 2.0 Rescom 2.0

    Rescom 2.0

    The ultra-compact Boker Plus Rescom is based on the popular Boker Plus Subcom by Chad Los Banos, but unlike the original model, it is supplied with a versatile multi-function blade. The unbroken...

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  • Rescom Red

    Rescom Red

    The Rescom gets a new look! Introducing the new red-handled version, ideal for emergency personnel. Sleek, handy, and always readily available. The corrosion resistant cutting hook blade...

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  • Savior 2 Savior 2

    Savior 2

    The rescue knife series Boker Plus Savior is intended for private users who want to be equipped in the event of an accident to help themselves or others, but also for professional users who carry the...

    MSRP: $68.95
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  • Urban Survival Urban Survival

    Urban Survival

    The Boker Plus Urban Survival is an extraordinary design by Jim Wagner. With a total length of 14.4 centimeters and a blade length of 4 centimeters, the Pocketknife offer though its compact...

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  • Cop-Tool Cop-Tool


    The Boker Plus Cop-Tool is an deployment tool that easily covers the entire range of tasks in duty, everyday work, hobby and leisure. It was developed and tested by Roy Huntington, a US marshal with...

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