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Medical Gear & Masks

Our medical gear products include tourniquet cases, pocket masks, trauma wraps, medical pouches, and full face masks. We carry the brands you trust to protect law enforcement, first responders, and other medical professionals who need to provide emergency medical care in the field.

The tourniquet cases, available in both rigid and flexible designs, are made by North American Rescue and are compatible with the C-A-T tourniquet system. The pocket masks, made by Laerdal, feature one-way valves and come in a hard case for easy storage and transport.

The trauma wraps, made by High Speed Gear, are designed to quickly and easily secure a dressing or bandage in place, while the medical pouches, also made by High Speed Gear, are designed to hold essential medical supplies and equipment. Finally, the full face masks, made by Sabre Red, feature adhesive sealing and are designed to provide protection against airborne contaminants. No matter the situation that arises we have you protected.