What Are the Common Magazine Pouch Materials?

What Are the Common Magazine Pouch Materials?

Feb 6th 2023

When it comes to a police officer’s duty belt, every component of it is vital to their success in the field. However, we wanted to take the time to focus on just one piece of it today: the magazine pouch. There are many variations of this piece, but the most important component to consider when buying one is what it’s made of.

In this post, we’ll discuss the most common materials used in magazine pouches and go over the benefits of each one. That way, you can make sure you get the type that best fits your needs.


Let’s start with the most popular material among many police officers. Kydex is a thermoplastic material made to withstand all kinds of wear and tear. This material won’t break under extreme pressure like most other plastics. On top of being very strong, the Kydex magazine pouch is also heat- and water-resistant. This will help ensure that your bullets are in perfect condition once you’re ready to use them.

The best part about Kydex magazine pouches is that you don’t have to actively maintain them to keep them in good condition. If they get dirty, a simple rinse with water should clean them right up. Of course, their most important benefit is that they make quick access a breeze while still being secure enough that your mags won’t fall out.


Next up on our list of the most common magazine pouch materials is leather. This classic choice has been around for about as long as firearms, and it’s managed to stick around due to its comfort and durability. Unlike Kydex, leather has some give to it, which is great for moving around comfortably while on duty. That doesn’t mean your magazines are in danger though. The interior of these pouches is quite soft when pressed together, keeping your mag safe and secure.

Unfortunately, leather requires a lot of care to stay in good condition. You’ll need special cleaners to ensure the material doesn’t get too dirty or worn out. Plus, leather can be a bit more expensive. However, many officers find this trade-off to be worth it.


If you want to use a material that mixes the positives of the previous options, then nylon mag pouches are the choice for you. This lightweight material has a flexible design like leather, minus the needed upkeep, while being almost as durable as Kydex. Sadly, it’s not waterproof like Kydex, but its breathability helps ensure your magazines don’t get too hot.

Either way, nylon is a very customizable option, allowing you to alter it to fit just about any magazine size you need. This is what makes it a great all-around choice and the favorite mag pouch material of the US military.