The Benefits of Installing a Foregrip on Your Rifles

The Benefits of Installing a Foregrip on Your Rifles

Jan 23rd 2023

When your job is to serve and protect, you must ensure you have all the best gear possible to make that happen. Of course, your precinct will provide you with most of what you need, but they may only require you to use some items.

One such example is gun attachments like the foregrip. Using one of these will make handling your police-issue rifles much easier. If you aren’t already aware of the benefits of installing a foregrip on your rifle, we’re here to help!

Increases Aim and Control

The main benefit of adding a foregrip to a rifle is the increase in aim and control it’ll give the user. Aiming without a grip certainly isn’t a problem - however, having a foregrip makes it much easier to aim precisely and helps control the muzzle rise during rapid fire.

This is fairly important for police officers since they never want to miss their mark if the time ever comes to use a rifle in the line of duty. Adding a gun foregrip to their rifle will help reduce missed shots under pressure.

Keeps Your Hand off the Barrel

When not using a grip, the standard place you’ll hold the front of your rifle is up by the barrel. Holding a gun by the barrel isn’t a good idea since it can get hot quickly, but modern firearms have preventative measures to give users something safer to hold onto. However, all guns feature different designs, and most still have some of their barrels exposed.

That means officers could accidentally put one or two of their fingers on the barrel without realizing it and burn themselves. With a foregrip, you’d never have to worry about that. It attaches below the barrel of all rifles, making it nearly impossible to get burned.

Reduces Overall Recoil

Of course, aiming before firing is only part of the equation. Once you’ve fired the weapon, you need to worry about recoil, which can negatively impact your aim. Fortunately, foregrips help with that too. The extra grip officers will have when using this attachment will reduce the amount of shot after shot recoil they may experience, as well as make lining up the subsequent shot much faster and easier.

Helps Prevent Fatigue

Another benefit of this attachment is that it helps reduce and, in some cases, prevent arm fatigue. Rifles aren’t light weapons. Holding one up for long periods can get quite tiring. If that happens to you, it could affect your aim.

The foregrip helps with this in two ways. The first is that it keeps your arm at a lower level. This may seem insignificant, but it puts less strain on your muscles, which makes a big difference during prolonged use. The other has to do with hand placement. Holding the gun barrel puts your hand in an awkward position, which can become tiring over time. The position needed for maintaining your hold with a foregrip is much more natural, making it easier to keep up when in use.